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Revenue Stamps

John Barefoot is the leading publisher of a wide range of standard catalogues for revenue stamps. Areas covered include United Kingdom, British Commonwealth, many individual countries of Europe, and also South East Asia. For these, see our main website at

Germany Revenue Stamp Project

Germany Revenue Stamp Project

We are working on a new series of revenue stamp catalogues for Germany, to continue the tradition set by the pioneer, the late Martin Erler. These will be in our standard A4 3-column format, illustrated in full colour, and with current pricing.

For Germany, the books will be in 3 parts :
Part 1 : German States (including issues by the Länder from 1872-1945)
Part 2 : German Reich 1872-1945 (including Colonies, Plebiscites, Occupations, and III Reich period organisation/Party membership stamps)
Part 3 : Postwar (Zones, West Germany, DDR, and modern issues to Euro denomination)
Work on Part II is nearly complete. Work is progressing on the other two parts. Keep an eye on this site for more news shortly.

Work in Progress

We are looking for help with some sections. Some old black/white illustrations could be improved by colour scans (at 300 dpi, with the stamp on a black background to show the perfs, would be ideal). Also, for some sections, new finds are expected and any additions from collectors would be welcomed by your editor. Some sample sections, plus offers of stock for direct sale, are shown below.


Buy Online - DANZIG (W.19)
Stock Code

Wechsel : 1925 New currency 1G, 2G, 4G fat figures (Bft 120/22) and 3G normal figures (Bft 127) used

Saar Municipal Revenue Stamps to 1945

Saar Municipal Revenue Stamps to 1945

This is an on-going provisional listing of Saar Municipal revenue stamps in the period 1920 to 1945. It is only a private working document for use between J.Barefoot and other collectors.

To view IN FULL this listing (which can then be printed out for personal use only) please CLICK HERE

If you have new finds to add to the listing, or can supply better colour scans (ideally, 300 dpi, same size, with stamp on a black background to show the perforations, like the ones in the listing), please get in touch with us by email at