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German stamps and postal history

We deal in the stamps and postal history of Germany. This site provides both information on German philately, and current offers of material.

I first began dealing in stamps 50+ years ago, to augment my own collection. The years rolled on.... now we are a family-run stamp mail-order business based in York, England.

Our internet business has worldwide contacts.

You receive my personal attention and experience, whether on-line or by postal mail.

Enjoy exploring the site........... John Barefoot.


  • Stamps and postal history of Europe (especially Germany and Austria)
  • For regular stamps of Germany, you can view or download a printed list, to order by mail, phone or email
  • For specialised stamps of Germany and postal history, the stock is available for sale on this website - you can click and order direct, using the shopping trolley and paying by credit card. You will also find interesting information articles and blogs included beside the items for sale.
  • Collections of many countries, especially Europe
  • Revenue catalogues for many countries

Check the categories on the left and click to explore....

NEWS for APRIL 2016

  • GERMANY Part 1 stamp list came out this month (April 2016). This covers the German States : regular stamps, plus specialised stamps and postal history.
  • GERMANY Part 2 stamp list will be published next month. This will cover the Empire period from 1872-1918, plus Colonies and WWI Occupations : regular stamps and commemorative sets, plus specialised stamps and postal history. Much new stock of the Colonies this time.
  • GERMANY Part 3 stamp list last came out in December 2015. This covered the stamps and postal history of Germany 1919-1932, including Plebiscites, 1923 Inflation period, and the Weimar republic. Prices still valid (subject unsold).
  • GERMANY Part 4 stamp list came out in January 2016. This covered the III Reich period from 1933-1945, including WWII Occupations : regular stamps and commemorative sets, plus specialised stamps and postal history. Prices still valid (subject unsold).
  • GERMANY Part 5 stamp list came out in February 2016. This covered Postwar stamps plus some specialised material, with Zones, West Germany, Berlin, DDR from 1945 to about 1960. Prices still valid (subject unsold).

The five lists appear on a rotation of roughly one monthly. To view or download the lists, go to "STAMPS OF GERMANY" on the left control bar.

And some book news.....

  • BALTIC STATES REVENUES 4th edition in full colour, recently published.
  • ITALY REVENUES, in full colour, 1st edition, recently published.
  • POLAND REVENUES, in full colour, 2nd edition, just published.
  • TELEGRAPH STAMPS OF THE WORLD : this new book updates the old Hiscocks catalogue, with current pricing, and illustrations in colour. Published 2014.
  • working on a catalogue for GERMANY REVENUES 1872-1945. There will be news on this site as the work progresses.